1) Booking:
No booking contract exists until the Agency receives the advance, which amounts to 30% of total price agreed for the whole rental charge. The outstanding balance due (70% of the rental charge) has to be paid upon arrival when the key is collected.

By the assessment of the exact duration of the rental period, the total amount of days equals the total amount of overnight stays. In case of anticipated departure and/or delayed arrival, the Holiday Maker will still be liable for the balance of the rent and there shall be no obligation on the Agency’s part to refund or forego any rental paid or unpaid.

2) Prices:
The agreed rental price includes the use of the property furnished according to its classification and according to the number of guests allowed as stated in the rental agreement. Also included in the rental price are crockery, stove, fridge, blankets and pillows, the use of electricity,water and gas within normal consumption values, the cleaning service and the agency fees.

The Agency is liable for ordinary repairs and maintenance, unless such costs are directly attributable to the Holiday Maker’s misuse of the property.

Any fault or damage has to be immediately reported to the Agency.

3) Arrival at the holiday home:
The Holiday Maker may enter the property between 4pm and 7pm on the arrival day and has to leave it by 10am on the departure day at latest. Any arrivals or departures not complying with the above mentioned guidelines require a special agreement to be reached beforehand with the Agency.

4) Conditions:
In order to enter the accommodation, the Holiday Maker is required to give in his/her identity document and to settle the amount due. The Holiday Maker has also to provide personal details of each person hosted in the property for the agreed vacation period.

Subletting is forbidden. The Holiday Maker shall not allow the property to be occupied by more persons than the maximum specified for the property on the booking contract: if an exceeding number of persons is hosted in the property, the Agency has the right to cancel the contract and claim damages. The Agency shall have the right to enter the property at any time and without prior notification for the purposes of inspection:

5) Deposit:
A deposit of 150,- Euro is required as guarantee for the Holiday Maker’s complying with his/her duty to keep the property and all furniture, fittings and effects, in or on the property, in the same state of repair and condition as the commencement of the rental period. Discrepancies, faults and damages have to be reported by the Holiday Maker by 12am on the day after the arrival at latest, otherwise no liability will be accepted by the Agency.

6) Liability:
The Agency Bidin Marina acts as a mediator between the customer (holiday maker) and the property owner. The Agency is unable to accept liability for any loss, damage or other claim resulting from your holiday. However, the Agency will provide support in case such problems might occur.

7) Cancellation:
If the Holiday Maker cancels a booking more than 30 days before the agreed rental period, the Agency will refund 50% of the paid (or at the moment being transferred) advance (which always amounts to 30% of the total rental price). Any booking cancellation submitted before the beginning of the agreed rental period discharges the Holiday Maker of any liability but the balance of possible outstanding dues up to the amount required to settle the before mentioned 30% advance.

8) Rules of conduct:

  • everybody has to comply with the house regulation and quite time has to be respected in any case from 1pm until 4pm and from 11pm until 8am.
  • If the property is left unattended, the Holiday Maker is required to lock inside all garden furniture (table, chairs, etc.) in order to avoid liability in case of theft.
  • At the end of the rental period the Holiday Maker has to leave the property in the same state of repair and condition as the commencement of the period, the fridge has to be left open and electricity turned off.
  • In case young children are hosted, use of waterproof mattresses protectors is required.
  • Pets are not allowed in the properties, unless differently agreed.
  • Blankets and pillows may not be used outdoors.
  • The use of own heating devices or electric stoves is forbidden.
  • If the gas bottle is empty, the Holiday Maker is kindly asked to inform the Agency, whereby office hours have to be taken into consideration as well as the fact that suppliers will not deliver on Sundays afternoon. Moreover, it is not really possible to state in advance when exactly the gas bottle will be over.
  • The Agency accepts no liability for nor will refund any damages due to the malfunctioning of building fittings such as lifts, TV-aerials or other automatic fittings, or occurred to vehicles parked within the property premises. As far as parking places are concerned, the Agency is not entitled to remove unauthorised third-party’s vehicles occupying without permission places assigned to Holiday Makers nor to solve any problems arising from such situation because properties are not provided with attended car park. Parking places are thought for average size cars; therefore, customers travelling on vehicles bigger than the assigned place have to look on their own (and at their costs) for a suitable solution taking into consideration that it is strictly forbidden to occupy also other assigned parking places.
  • Possible faults or damages concerning electric devices such as fridges, air-conditioning, washing machines, TV, etc or water fittings and pipes (whose fixing has to carried out by skilled workers not always available on the spot) will be fixed within 3 days from the damage report to the agency. The agency is not bound to any refund due to breach of contract or damages of any nature.

9) Important:
If any of the above mentioned rules is not be complied with, the Agency has the right to cancel the contract, while the the Customer (holiday Maker) is still liable for balancing the outstanding dues in order to settle the whole amount agreed upon for the rental period. Only if the property is actually rented out again, the Agency may grant the due refund.

The above mentioned rules become binding upon the customer (Holiday Maker) and the tourist firm (the Agency), unless a different written agreement is reached.

In case of dispute, the “Difensore del Turista” (Tourist Ombudsman), after having heard the party concerned and a category representative – if so required by the specialised operator – will pronounce a judgement which is binding upon the parties. It is not possible to appeal against the Difensore del Turista‘s ruling.